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    Nursing homes New building in North Rhine-Westhalia
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Requirement profile for nursing homes

Purchase Profile

Nursing, health and social property, real estate, property requirements

Inventory / OR operation in the excess of 50 beds

  • Full-time care facilities
  • Day care
  • Assisted living
  • Senior flatshare / – Residential groups or mixing facilities
  • Existing real estate / conversion
  • Property operator-free / with third-party operators

purchase price factor

Determined on an individual basis

Purchase Price Objects / Companies:

Determined on an individual basis


Cities from 3,000 inhabitants / regions with a corresponding catchment area

Micro Location

Central, good infrastructure / connection to nearest KH, residential development in neighborhood / environment


Asset or share deal, partial ownership and leasehold in special cases


The announcement of the aforementioned search criteria does not constitute an offer to conclude a brokerage contract.

Such a contract and any resulting brokerage commission requires an individually separate written agreement.